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Dr Meera graduated from medical school at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and earned her medical degree, MD. She then studied Ayurvedic medicine in Canada, as well as in India, for 3 years. She earned a doctorate of natural medicine, DNM.

Her journey took her to South Africa and South India to work in HIV/AIDS medicine, and also across Eastern Canada in family medicine.

She has worked with diverse patients with complex conditions, including cancer, rare diseases, challenging diagnoses, and mental health conditions; providing in depth medical and ayurvedic counsel.

She has practiced yoga, mantra, music and meditation since childhood, and shares one on one meditation classes with her patients.

Dr Meera has taken up the deep study of Jyotisha, Vedic Astrology, and is studying with Freedom Cole Ji, whose Guru is Pandit Sanjay Rath, from the lineage of Sri Achyuta Dasa of Odisha.

She treats many physical, mental and emotional conditions/imbalances. Striving to heal and rejuvenate patients by integrating the precision of western medicine and the timeless wisdom of the ancient sciences has become her life’s work.


Supportive Cancer Care

Ayurvedic oncology care to strengthen and support your healing.

Mental Health Care

Ayurvedic care specialized in treating mental health conditions including trauma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia.

Ayurvedic General Health Care

Ayurvedic care depending on your specific needs.


What People Say

I have been consulting with Dr.Meera for over a year now and I can’t say enough wonderful things. She is kind, patient and thorough. I’ve never felt like I was being rushed or not listened to in an appointment. She looks at your individual health from various aspects and helps you heal and achieve balance with natural remedies, supplements and diet changes. With her background in Western Medicine, Dr.Meera is able to meld modern medicine with Ayurveda when helping her clients. I highly recommend her services.

Rania Yphantides

Meera has great knowledge about Ayurveda Medicine and her past experience in field of Ayurveda will take her to be the best…

Ajay Kandari


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